Rolando De Gracia joins Concora Credit as Head of Cobrand Partnerships

Posted on November 26th, 2023
Rolando De Gracia, Head of Cobrand Partnerships

Rolando De Gracia has joined Concora Credit as the Head of Cobrand Partnerships. Rolando brings deep experience to the company as it looks to expand its credit card servicing business, which now includes Acima Classic Credit, Indigo, Milestone, Destiny, and Earniva Mastercard programs. In his new role, De Gracia will be working to partner with new cobrand partners and expanding distribution opportunities for the existing programs.

“We are excited to hire an exceptional talent like Rolando to head our cobranded partnership business,” said Bruce Weinstein, President and CEO of Concora Credit Inc. ‘He has a history of success in building cobrand relationships, which will help us capitalize on the opportunity available in the non-prime credit card space.’

“I am excited to join Concora Credit,’ said Rolando De Gracia. “With a strong balance sheet, underwriting expertise, and exceptional talent, create an opportunity for partners to grow their sales and reach more customers. Concora Credit has the servicing scale and the credibility in the marketplace to succeed in the cobrand space.”

About Concora Credit Inc.
A single purpose guides Concora Credit: to help non-prime consumers Do More with Credit. Through its credit servicing activities for issuing banks, the company has helped millions of consumers access credit through Private Label and General Purpose Credit Card programs designed for consumers with less-than-perfect credit. Concora Credit is the company of choice for merchants looking to offer greater access to credit for their customers because our flexibility delivers better outcomes at the point of sale and beyond. We see a bright future for consumers through our simple proposition that is best expressed in two words: Do More.


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