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Unlock sales growth to enhance customer satisfaction with an easy, fast, and worry-free second-look financing solution for customers with less-than-perfect credit.

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Empower Your Customers and Boost Sales

As a merchant, you understand the importance of helping your customers afford the products or services they need. You know that some people may not be able to pay for everything upfront, but you don’t want to turn them away. That’s where Concora Credit comes in. Offer your customers the credit experience they deserve, even if they have less-than-perfect credit.

By partnering with Concora Credit, you can help your customers spread out their payments over time and alleviate their financial stress, while increasing your sales and building customer loyalty. Be known as a business that cares about its customers’ financial well-being and is willing to do more to find solutions that fit their unique needs and circumstances.

Why Choose Concora Credit

Drive Sales & Customer Loyalty

Our tailored finance programs offer a revolving line of credit for near-prime customers that are designed to expand your customer reach and encourage ongoing engagement, resulting in significant business growth opportunities.

Ease of Integration

Our user-friendly merchant portal, coupled with strong partnerships with leading FinTech providers, ensures seamless integration with your existing POS system. Extensive IT development is eliminated, saving time and effort and ensuring a smooth implementation process.

Safe Solution

Our non-recourse finance solutions serve as a safety net, protecting your business from potential losses and allowing you to focus on your core business operations. This peace of mind empowers you to thrive and grow with confidence.

Strategic Partnership

We offer steadfast support to our retail partners, providing hands-on assistance and marketing resources. By leveraging strategic alliances, retailers gain a competitive edge and exclusive access to a network of experts dedicated to their success.

Partner With Us

Do More with Concora Credit

Concora Credit is guided by a single purpose: to help non-prime consumers do more with credit. To win their trust and their business, we provide transparent products backed by exceptional experiences that are designed to make it easy for them to succeed.

We drive consumer loyalty to America’s favorite brands so they can do more business. We are the partner of choice to offer greater access to credit because our flexibility delivers better outcomes at the point-of-sale and beyond.

Doing More Business is as Easy as 1,2,3

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Become a Partner

Our team works with you to create a financing program that’s tailored to your business and customer needs. The technical setup is quick and hassle–free for your team.

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Your Customers Apply

Our application process is fast and user-friendly, so your customers can apply for financing and receive real-time approval decisions quickly and easily.

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You Do More Business

As your customers start utilizing our credit solutions, expect fast and secure payments, real–time reporting, and ongoing assistance to maximize the potential of our partnership and propel your business forward.

Partner With Us

“Our sales have grown exponentially over our previous second-look lender. Concora Credit approves more borrowers, offers higher credit lines and an appealing deferred interest promotion, and processes transactions quickly—leading to more saved sales and higher tickets.”

Archie Hall
VP, Ashley HomeStore

Kay Jewelers
Raymour & Flanigan
Jared The Galleria Of Jewelry

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